Saturday, December 8, 2012

Audi R8 'Grandiose' - As Bold As It Gets

German company Regula Tuning has just released a stunning new styling package for Audi R8. The 'Grandiose' is available for the Coupe and Spyder versions (with V8 and V10 engines).
The 20-inch Oxigin wheels, the stylish bodykit and especially the new grill give the R8 a bold and aggressive look, something the stock model doesn't really seem to show. The package is not all about looks, however. There is an ECU upgrade available for the R8 V10 that boosts the horsepower from 518 to 552 hp.
Available in Europe, the styling package costs €7,698 ($10,000), while the engine upgrade is €1,398 ($1,815).